What does it mean to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to digital marketing

Marketing is one of the most powerful forces that can shape a culture, spark a movement and change human behavior. However, as marketers, we have lost our way in recent years.

More than 10 years ago we were given the gift of Social Media; the means to be able to deepen a connection with our audience and consumers, understand them and tailor opportunities that would enrich their lives and the capacity to enter into a dialogue that would introduce a more human element to marketing.

Instead, we’ve squandered this opportunity. We chased reach and scale and vanity metrics, we created technologies, algorithms, and content that was designed to distract and interrupt and we created an online environment that promoted narcissism and divisiveness. For what? So that we could sell more stuff? To attract more eyeballs? To peddle more advertising?

As marketers, we have to do better. We need to get back to the fundamentals of what makes marketing a force for good in the world and today, I am excited to announce our theme for 2020:  HUMAN.X

HUMAN.X, will explore why businesses and brands will need to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. It is underpinned by three fundamental concepts:


An obligation towards having a deep and profound respect for people’s time and attention.


The business of seeking a deeper connection with your audience through understanding and shared experiences.


Giving people the freedom and space to be themselves and connect and communicate more naturally and safely.


HUMAN.X will serve as a blueprint for leaders who are looking to redefine what marketing will look like in the future. The overarching goal will be to identify, highlight and support ideas, campaigns and brands that embrace the idea that a human-first approach to creating digital experiences is not only good for business but will advance us as a society and culture.