The Power of Chatbots and AI in Personalized Messaging

Recap from #SMWNairobi 2018 Masterclass By Haldon Burns, Senior Account Manager Blue Robot

In the age of artificial intelligence it’s about time we differentiate between the doom-and-gloom movie version of evil AI bots and that which can be designed in a way to benefit a business and bridge the gaps between brands and their customers.

Chatbots to answer customer queries on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and the brand’s own website; these are some of the ways bots can be used to improve customer service and customer experience.

Why Bots? 45% of customers would rather communicate with a brand on a social messenger than via e-mail and even more prefer bots to phone calls from the brand.  

We also are in a time of decline for apps, Haldon shared, and most people are likely to delete apps a few weeks after downloading, particularly those that are not messaging/communication-centred. Bots are a much more simple and almost natural way of operating, given the long-time experience with typing.

Other ways bots have proved useful and successful for brands:

  • Customer Service: this being the original and most popular use of chatbots in messaging platforms
  • Generate leads by continuing the conversation from inquiries, collecting contact data for databases and continued communication/follow-ups
  • Adventure text/games
  • Surveys
  • Upcoming Event Information
  • Product Launches
  • Product Guides
  • Bots also save brands money in the long run.

Article By SMWNairobi