William Benthall

William Benthall is the General Manager of Glovo in Kenya. Glovo in a multi-category on-demand e-commerce company that unlocks a city’s inventory, allowing consumers to order anything and have it delivered within minutes. Glovo has 1.5million monthly active users in 22 countries and recently raised Ksh 17 Billion in Series D funding to expand operations.

William has spend much of his career working in digital disruption. He led the global transition from physical to digital sales at the world’s oldest record label, EMI Classics. He was also a Director in Sony Music’s European Direct to Consumer business unit where he specialised in building better consumer relationships and insights.

Before joining Glovo this year, William was the Africa Director at Adam Smith International (ASI), a leading strategic development consultancy. He has spent the last 7 years living and working in Nigeria and Kenya, specialising in investment climate reform programmes. He remains a Non Executive Director for ASI’s subsidiaries in Africa.