Remi Owadokun

Remi Owadokun is a Certified Health Coach from the biggest Nutrition Institute in the world, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York.
Her unique passion for personal development and transformation positioned her to becoming the Founder of the Total Makeover Program Academy, (an initiative of Total Make Over Program) headquartered in Porto Alegre, Brazil with footprints in West and Southern Africa, Europe and North America. Total Make Over Program Academy is considered by many as one of the Foremost Online Platforms in West Africa focused on equipping individuals to live a Happy, Healthy & Better Life.

Over the last one year, the academy has enrolled over 1,000 active students spanning over 8 countries.

She is also a 2-time Amazon best selling Author, her book “How I lost 40kg” made it to number one in the UK & Canada and number 2 in the US.

As a mentoring enthusiast, Remi participates actively in a web based mentoring platform known as Square Table and she also operates a thriving online community called Mentorship Central, which is focused on raising a new generation of exceptional mentors.

Remi is considered a formidable social media influencer. Her passion for technology has spurred her to creating a mobile app and mobile game specifically designed for human physical and mental transformation. She has participated actively at several social media events around the world and acts as a Social Media project consultant to various organisations in South America and West Africa.

Popularly referred to as “Mother Hen”, she contributes actively as a mentor on various social media communities by bringing hope, guidance and inspiration to thousands of young entrepreneurs and professionals in Africa.