Nelly Ndonye

She has over 13 years’ experience in digital communication and marketing with a focus on strategy and technology working with global brands and agencies such as Diageo as the marketing partner for Africa, WPP Scan-group as the business director for Squad digital, Bean interactive as the business Manager and Ringier Africa as the General Manager among other roles.

She attended the United States International University (USIU) and pursued a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Systems and Technology with a concentration in Networking and Marketing.

Her passion for technology is in its use in the improvement of business and communication process; this has seen her grow into one of the leading ladies in Kenya’s digital tech, marketing, and advertising spaces. She is also keen on finding new ways to apply tech solutions to aid in the growth of businesses across Africa.

In her spare time, Nelly enjoys following the happenings in the developments of technology, local and international money markets and American politics.