Lydia Byarugaba Maison

I have over 10 years experience in product & project management, business strategy & development, brand development & communications, primarily in the information technology industry spanning multiple products, functions and disciplines. I have an impressive track record of identifying and forging symbiotic strategic alliances between entities.

Employing global bench-marking techniques and in-depth analysis of internal and external data sources, I edify business strategies and assist my clients in employing optimum methodologies and acquisition channels to engage and retain their desired clientele. My hands-on approach and experience has led to successful new market entries, brand equity development, innovative marketing and sustainable relationship management strategies across multiple engagements.

Leveraging technology, my appreciation for the cultural nuances that typify each country or region is catalytic to my contribution in achieving socio-economic development on the continent.

As the Head of Innovation I coordinate the definition of, and drive, the product & IT strategy, development and prioritisation of product roadmaps across the platform. Working collaboratively with the Engineering and Design team to determine technical tradeoffs yet still deliver on key business objectives to position our brand as an industry leader and ensure high-velocity execution as well as meaningful, measurable customer outcomes.

Working across the organisation to coordinate awareness, alignment and execution across multiple levels and functions to empower operating teams around cohesive strategy.

Creating a team culture that understands the importance of continuous integration and learning, collaboration and respect within all cross-functional teams.