James Smart

James Smart- @jamessmat
Mr. James Smart is an experienced journalist, prime-time television anchor, and talk-show host based in Nairobi.  He has worked with the BBC to produce its “Focus on Africa” broadcast, a flagship TV news program that highlights stories from across the African continent. He has also worked extensively with Kenya’s leading TV stations, including Kenyan Television Network and Nation Television (NTV). Most notably, he successfully launched two of the country’s top television shows, #TheTrend and #KTNLivewire, which integrate social media platforms such as Twitter to enable viewers to engage directly with the hosts of each program.
Most recently, Mr Smart conceptualized #Newssources for KTNNEWS, during the run-up to the 2017 elections he co-hosted #Afropolitico, a program designed for pure online consumption with economics and political content. As part of his media work, Mr. Smart focuses on public opinion in government and politics, youth inclusion into participatory governance, social audits, and minorities representation in media.
James Smart holds a Masters of International Journalism degree from Cardiff University, he is also a NED (National Endowment on Democracy) fellow.