Isaac Hunja

Isaac Hunja is an experienced marketing expert and designer. Driven by a passion to build ideas into functioning businesses with big brands behind them, Isaac takes pride in mastering an intimate understanding of traditional and emerging marketing practices. As a marketing expert, his goals include developing and execution of innovative marketing strategies, developing and managing advertising campaigns and leveraging marketing innovations in tech to scale reach and conversion. In addition to his primary role, Isaac’s career has drawn him to a keen interest in design. He now has 5 years of experience in graphic design and UI/UX design.
Isaac’s passion for marketing and building brands can be traced back to Hellofood (now Jumia Food) of Rocket Internet where he spent significant working time in sales, digital marketing, graphic design, community management and content creation. He has since worked with leading brands, namely launching Uber Nairobi, and building out a customer-facing brand for PanAfrican Fintech company, Cellulant Corporation.
Having gained significant experience in the tech startup scene in Nairobi, Isaac is now serving as the CMO at eCommerce technology company, Sky.Garden. Driven by the mission to grow Sky.Garden from it’s current 3,500 merchants to 1 million across Africa. Isaac is best known for inspiring his team to always deliver excellence in everything they do.