Eunice Nyandat

Eunice Nyandat and Founder/at MyBizMarketer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Computer Networking, a Bachelors of Science in Information Security, Masters in Business Management and Marketing

A former cybersecurity analyst turned product manager in Internet Security. This was her first taste of entrepreneurship. As a product manager of $100M Managed Security Product she was involved in all aspect of the product offering from the technicals to the financials, the marketing to the customer experience. She went on and co-founder of a lifestyle management company The ErrandManager in Atlanta GA. Three years later pivoted and founded a Digital Marketing, Advertising and Analytics firm. In 2014 she started to venture into Kenya market and fully transition to Nairobi in 2016.

In her short time in Kenya, she has worked with following industries in technology, telecom, cosmetics, e-commerce, education, agriculture and health. Designed a campaign for a health app which gained traction in 3 months since launching, going from 500 to 10000 downloads.

A self-professed geek and technology enthusiast, that loves the mix of technology and creativity. For fun, her passions are mentoring startups and women entrepreneurs. The journey with startups stems back from 2010 with 1M1M Program based in the USA, Startup Weekend Education (#Edtech) since 2016 and recently with Nairobi Innovation Week 2018 and Startup Weekend for Women Entrepreneurs. Follow her on Twitter @EuniceNyandat @Mybizmarketer @SWWENairobi @Edtech254