Cynthia Mwangi

Cynthia is a journalist-turned-producer, passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging creates business-changing content. As a producer, Cynthia does more than source for guests. She produced Kenya’s best breakfast show, Jeff and Jalas, before that, she had produced Mambo Mseto’s Willy M Tuva during her 9 years at radio citizen. She’s currently the head of radio Hot 96 and executive producer.  With more than 10 years in radio and inbound marketing experience, she’s gripped with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s absurdly useful and effective. (She also works with talent and clients as a strategist, interviewer, life coach, and sometimes therapist.)

Even with radio being a 24/7 job, she has managed to juggle work with …more work. She is the co-founder, Ythera gifts, an online based chocolate confectioneries company.