Celestine Ukpere’s

With a career spanning across various industries in Telecommunication (Tecontra, Nairobi, Kenya), Retail (Woolworths, Lagos, Nigeria, Technology (Bozza.Mobi StartUp, (Cape Town, South Africa), currently EdTech Rekindle Learning (Cape Town, South Africa. Nairobi, Kenya) and Youth Skills Consulting Country head Livity Africa (Google DSA program) (Nairobi, Kenya); Celestine has over fifteen years of practical experience in youth skills development & training, research, corporate and business development. She has worked in extensive environments all over Africa in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. She is passionate about marketing and promoting personal development and improving community lifestyles through embracing and incorporating Technology in training and skills development and through entrepreneurship. She is currently pursuing her passion in New Technologies and Platforms for business and career growth. Through her consulting company she is overseeing the introduction of Indahash – innovative digital influencer marketing platform, that connects social media power users with brands enabling companies to reach millions. This is one of the innovative platforms she is guiding into the regional markets on the continent.

Attached is my LinkedIn profile Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celestineukpere/