Vox Media President Pam Wasserstein,

How important is data’s role in story/editorial selection for modern media companies?

Data is critical in indicating how we run marketing, work with advertising partners and understand our audiences.

The secret to the success of major brands is continued investment and trust in creative thinking.

Robyn Lindars, Product Marketing Manager, NetBaseQuid

How Social Analytics Helps Maintain Business Agility in Times of Crisis

NetBase Quid allows brands to make: Smarter, Faster and Data Driven Solutions.

What entails Consumer and Market Intelligence

  1. Brand and health perception
  2. Voice of the customer
  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Crisis Management
  5. Competitive Strategy
  6. Trend Analytics
  7. Product Innovation and Scouting

There are two schools of thought when it comes to marketing: In-House vs Agency


  1. Hire internally, generally specialist by specialist
  2. Report directly to founders or marketing directors


  1. Hire an agency with a focus on media planning and buying
  2. Have agency report directly to founder or coordinator

NetBase Quid social analytics have shown that during the COVID-19 crisis many individuals have been more family focused, making brands shift to an empathetic & authentic approach on social media.

Cathryn Tusow, Senior Sales Engineer, Khoros

DEMO (Khoros Marketing): Simplify Your Social Marketing Operations

Social media operations move at the speed of light. So, you have to establish a solid, cross- functional network of people to prevent and respond to issues.

There is no such thing as “set it and forget it” protocols or technology when it comes to protecting your brand.

Conduct regular safety checks, review your crisis plans and update your plans accordingly. Your social safety net is a living and breathing document that should be updated after every crisis.

A few safety standards that can keep your brand safe on social:

  1. Change your passwords monthly
  2. Have conversations with your legal counsel
  3. Set roles and responsibilities within your team

Nate Skinner, Co-Managing Director, Director of Strategy, Stink Studios

Creating a Brand Voice for Community Management

Questions to ask yourself when you start working with a new brand:

What magic exists between the brand and their audience? How can you leverage that magic to pull more people in? How can you create a framework to build community?

  1. Focus on who the brand has been, who they are today and who they aspire today.
  2. Identify the magic that exists between the brand today and their existing audience.
  3. Understand how we can contextually leverage that magic to create a magnetic universe that pulls more people in.
  4. Create a framework that allows us to build community, across platforms.

5 pillars to stand by when creating a brand voice for community engagement.

  • Be honest about your brand.
  • Find the connection.
  • Craft your voice.
  • Plan and moderate
  • Focus on quantity

Anita Schillhorn van Veen, Founder and Strategic Lead, Frame Strategy. The Generosity Economy: Building a Generous Brand

4 Approaches to Generosity of Brands.


  1. People – Protect; Protect workers and customers, and communicate efforts.
  2. Products and Services – Provide; Use business products and services to provide for the needs of others.
  3. Processes – Pivot; Tap into business processes to meet new needs.
  4. Platforms – Promote; Leverage brand platform to promote the needs of others.

Randa Stephan, Hhead of Brand, BWeber Shandwick

Upping Your Media IQ

Media intelligence = using data analytics to understand how media is created, shared, etc

Conversion improves CTR by 172%. Insights can reveal opportunities

  1. Cultural Activation Moments
  2. New Stakeholder voices
  3. Topical Messaging opportunities
  4. Reputational White space

As well as hidden risks

  1. Unsafe Ad Placements
  2. Perilous information environments
  3. Cultural missteps
  4. The era of fake everything

Jenny Risch, Director of Strategic Partnerships, CreatorIQ

The Evolution of Influencer Relations: Engaging with Data-Driven Empathy

What your influencer partners might need!

  1. Celebrity – They have the resources they need. Might need support for their initiatives.
  2. Mega and Macro – Make a majority of income from being an influencer. Might need an upfront deal of future work.
  3. Micro – Make a small portion of their income from being an influencer as a side hustle. Might need discounts, gift cards and product exchanges.
  4. Nano – Same as Nano. Might need discounts, free products and gift cards.

Eric Ginsberg, Senior Director, Client Services, Superfly

Live Experience 2020: Built for Scale, Wired for Sharing

How do you build a real-time content engine?

  1. Adaptability
  2. Platform first
  3. Shareworthy
  4. Agility
  5. Interactivity
  6. Thoughtful planning
  7. Strong narrative

Andy Parsons, Director, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe

Content Authenticity: Paving the Way Toward Trusting Media Again

The Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) is working to bring attribution and trust to digital content. With CAI technology, one is able to check the authenticity of a digital photo and see if it has been edited.

Emerging trends in authenticity infrastructure: Provenance and image integrity

  1. Verified capture tools (at source)
  2. Verified publishing tools (tracking edits or at distribution)
  3. Reverse video or similarity search tools (in platform)

76% of online users feel that they have lost control of their data

Joelle Irvine, Growth Marketer

From Discovery to Checkout: Don’t Let Them Leave You On Read

When developing a visual identity for your brand, think about the desired feeling you want your consumers to have.