Kristin Patrick, former CMO, Pepsi Co

The #SMWONE Show: Episode 5

What are the Top values for brands during the #Covid outbreak? Selflessness, courage and agility. Of course, a brands efforts will be way more effective if these were the values before this pandemic started.

The way forward for brands is at the intersection of:

  1. Brand EQ
  2. User needs
  3. Brand expertise

Casper Vahlgren, Senior Strategist,

Using Benchmarking to Inform Your Social Strategy

4 categories to help you translate your marketing objectives to social media KPIs:


  1. Awareness – Reach and impressions
  2. Consideration – Engagement rate, shares and saves
  3. Purchase -Cclicks and conversions
  4. Advocacy – Mentions and hashtags

Just a few of the ways to make your life easier as a social media manager:

  1. Pick the right competitors to benchmark against and look for patterns in the data.
  2. Be conscious of bias when looking at your data.

Kirstin Benson, Global Vice President of Entertainment, Getty Images

Avoiding Mediocre Social Media: Six Essential Questions Brands Should Be Asking Themselves

The key to using videos on social media is always tie it back to your WHY? Do not just use videos because it is trendy.

Robyn Lindars, Product Marketing Manager, NetBase Quid.

Using Insights to Guide and Measure Social Strategy for Virtual Events

Combine social analytics and creativity to make your event content relevant in the social space.

Can all industries benefit from social analytics? It can help different industries understand market trends. Social analytics helps the brand connect to the consumer.

“No matter how many customers you have, each is an individual. The day you start thinking of them as this amorphous ‘collection’ and stop thinking of them as people is the day you start going out of business.” -Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder of HubSpot

Henk Campher, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Hootsuite

Reimagining Social Media in an Uncertain World

Stay connected with your audience, but don’t overestimate the role that your consumers want with your business.

Social media allows you to have a relationship with your consumers, build and maintain direct relationships with your customers.

So, as a brand, what can you do to win in the months ahead?

  1. Be part of a BIGGER conversation
  2. Create EXPERIENCES worth remembering
  3. Use social DATA

People care about people and brands that care.

2/3 of global consumers identify as belief-driven buyers.

Social media is not a one-way channel. It’s an opportunity to have a shared experience with your customer. For the person behind the brand to have a conversation with the person who loves and buys your product.

Kenny Gold, Director, Social Media, Grey Group

The Marriage of Magic and Logic: When Data & Creativity Come Together to Help

Make Work That Impacts Culture

Brand purpose is not marketing. Marketing is the opportunity to live your DNA in a way that resonate with your audience.

Mather Dusechne, Manager, Social Strategy, Vox Media

After The Fall: Marketing In the Post Attention Era

Rules of social video:

  1. Hook them quickly
  2. Give a reason to stay
  3. Make video accessible

When you’re creating a video, plan to hook your viewers within the first THREE seconds. That means, leading with a “WTF moment”, a visually dazzling moment, or something that intrigues your audience.

Immediately following that 3-second hook, you want to give your audience a reason to stay and watch the rest of the video.

To make a video accessible, consider all of the ways people will view this video. On mobile, with the sound off, etc. Make sure the story can come through no matter how someone chooses to view your video.


HBO’s Euphoria: Creating Authentic Connections with Gen Z

Gen-Z is trying new products and switching brands.

  1. They want you to continue / increase dialogue with them – but make sure your messaging is aligned with other expectations.
  2. They are looking forward to socializing with friends and other social activities.
  3. They are trying new activities and looking for new ways to capture their attention.
  4. They are trying new products and switching brands – great time to drive product trial and adoption.
  5. Brand switching could have a lasting impact – Opportunity for brands who convert to trial to drive long term adoption.


Jenny Hoffman, Global Creative Strategist, Spotify

The Next Gen is Hear: How Gen Zs are Reshaping Audio and Other Key Trends.

  1. The Gen Z takes their streaming seriously
  2. They are confident and self-aware
  3. They value empathetic brands

Once you put your art, product or service out into the world, it’s no longer fully yours

because it now belongs to fans.

Subin Kim, Creative Strategist, TikTok

DEMO (Tommy): Getting Serious About TikTok: How to Ink a Brand Strategy

TikTok is the hot new platform, but is it the right platform for your brand?

  1. Go back to your business goals and target audience.
  2. If there’s alignment, test and learn.
  3. Understand that platforms evolve over time