Open Influence Co-Founder and CEO Eric Dahan

How to deliver personalized experiences through data-driven creativity.

During a time of uncertainity, building meaningful connections with your customers is critical. How to build deeper customer connections during COVID-19:

  1. Integrate social listening into every decision
  2. Leverage consumer insights

Vimeo’s CMO Harris Beber and SMW’s Toby Daniels

Video Story telling

When you have little resources, you can still make a big impact with your video strategy. Video storytelling has become a LIFE-LINE for communicating with customers and communities during the pandemic. Sell Stories, not products.

Derek Wiggins, US Country Head, Takumi

Why Genuity and Consumer Centricity are the keys to influencer Marketing Campaign.

  1. Consumers care less about the curated aesthetic and more about the genuity and realness of content.
  2. Content Consumption is increasing and changing. III. Test New Media Platforms

When partnering with influencers: Test, Learn and Iterate.

78% of consumers say they will unfollow an influencer who represents an unrealistic or unsustainable lifestyle.

Saben Gupta, Brand Marketing Lead for Alexa at Amazon

The Value of principle in this moment and beyond

Brand Identity should be designed for flexibility. Expose your vulnerabilities alongside your audiences.

Orchid Bertelsen, Nestle USA

Start with Why; The Secret unlock to Digital Innovation.

When beginning with new projects or Ideas; I. Start with Why

  1. Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome – Remember to separate the tangible from the hype

III. Sell your idea

Social Listening is powerful; understand your client’s motivation.

Consumer feedback is how you get better; take everything as an opportunity to grow.

Oliver Yonchev, Managing Director, Social Chain

Business As Usual is Dead

Killer Creative is a key to success even during times of crisis

When influencers get creative and stand behind global movements, people care more about sponsored content

“Brands need to know when they should speak and, more importantly, when they shouldn’t.”

Harvey Schwartz, SVP Talent, ViacomCBS

The Art of Usefulness: How New Creators are Making a Positive and Entertaining

Impact During COVID-19

Why should you follow influencer partnerships right now?

  1. People are drawing hope and inspiration from influencers
  2. They can give you invaluable insight from your ideal consumers.

Dara Treseder, CMO, Carbon

Mobilize Your Community. Solve Problems. Emerge Stronger.

A venture futurist mindset is so important during a digital age to build a portfolio of ideas. Build ideas that do not sit in the present, but ideas that will work in the future.

How to mobilize a community

  1. Identify the CTA
  2. Show success stories

III.      Empower your community to start their own stories

Mindset – Find your venture – futurist role model. Strategy – Craft your founder’s strategy snapshot

Risk – Find your next clear eyed risk

Dino Kuckovic, CMO,, Leora Novick, Social Media Director, Chandelier


Small-Budget Social Media Marketing: Strategies For Success

When you have a small marketing budget, it’s a chance to get creative with your marketing strategy and learn more about how your business can connect with your audience.

Numbers mean nothing if you have no engagement.

To create a small-budget social strategy…

  1. Stick to actionable goals
  2. Figure out where your time is going III. Conduct a benchmarking analysis IV.      Run test campaigns
  3. Track the right performance metrics
  4. Know how much you’re spending

Rishad Tobaccowala, Senior Advisor, Publicis Groupe

Leading with Soul in Chaotic Times: A Conversation with Rishad Tobaccowala

Evaluate leadership in terms of:

  1. Capability
  2. Integrity
  3. Empathy
  4. Vulnerability
  5. Inspiration

Rachel Tipograph, MikMak

Accelerating Progress with Remote Teams

Starting with an effective campaign structure sets you up for success!


  Objective, Audience, Creative

Neil Davidson, CEO, Hey Human

The Neuroscience of storytelling in terms of crisis

Advise to brands through the crisis:

  1. Do, Don’t Just Say
  2. Moments and People are cues
  3. Help make life easier
  4. Create special moments
  5. Phase, Plan and Predict


Brea Baker, Co-chair, Board of activists, COMMUNITYx

The (Untapped) Power of Social Media

Remember that people are people. Each account is a person. Each person has a motive. Leverage it toward something beautiful