Combining TV Advertising and Facebook

Social Media Week Nairobi: Facebook Masterclass

Elizma Nolte let us in on of Facebook’s developments in recognizing the power of cross-promotion and the value in complementing traditional and digital media for a successful campaign. TV is still king, it’s where majority of people get their information from, however there is opportunity to capitalize on the more personal and customizable nature of digital media, particularly on mobile.

‘’ROI on ad expenditure is increased significantly by platform combination;traditional media supplemented by digital media’’

Three ways to compliment TV Campaigns with Facebook

  1. Reach new and existing audience
  2. Prime,  Remind and sustain
  3. Close the loop with conversations

Multiscreen is mainstream:People have an additional screen alongside the TV; i.e. phone, tablet, laptop. Get rid of the old-age thinking that a larger screen (TV) equals larger impact. It’s actually  the opposite, and a mobile screen sees 41% more engagement and connection – it’s much more personal for people.

Community watching: you can’t necessarily watch a series on Facebook but people will discuss it on the platform and a community forms around it. Perfect opportunity to share behind-the-scenes and other promotional content.

Content still determines success: The gap between the best and the worst in creative for digital media is still very large – there isn’t yet a standard like there has been for traditional media. It’s also vital to note that just whacking the TV ad on Facebook is not at all going to cut it – optimize for shorter attention spans, add copy considering sound is not always on for mobile device use, etc.

Test before going live: Facebook tools such as insights to go and creative hub enable users to test campaign ideas before going live.

Key takeaways from the masterclass;

  • Maximize reach by making prime-time anytime
  • Plan for people first (who are you targeting and what do they need/want)
  • Focus on learning
  • Compare content across all platforms (traditional, mobile, desktop)
  • Capture attention quick and keep messages to 15 seconds. Having branding in the first 2-3 seconds of the video has a bigger impact on the viewer than having it at the end
  • Design for sound off, incorporate copy in the video
  • Build for vertical format – a portrait format rather than landscape or square dominates more screen space
  • Play more – Test and learn. Use data and insight to drive more effective marketing                                                                               


Article By SMWNairobi